Luddy Mussy with Special Guest: Rusted Bucket Band

August 8, 2017 @ 9:00 pm

8:30 doors

$7 adv/$10 at the door – set times tbd

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Luddy Mussy is colorful, almost cartoonish music made by lunatics. With eccentric takes on genres ranging from blues, modern rock, surf rock and folk, Luddy serves up an original little something for any musical palate. An energetic party band with a songwritery twist, Luddy has ripped off various bands, from the Rolling Stones to the B-52s, with basically no regard for copyright laws. As a result, the band currently resides on a barge in international waters.
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About a song from Special Guest, Rusted Bucket Band:

“There is then a seamless entrance into “Last Chance” that falls somewhere between The Band and Wilco and Ryan Adams and the Cardinals with, for some reason, lead singer Russ Turnquist’s voice taken on some hints of Anothony Keidis around the edges (and I mean that in the most flattering way possible). The song takes on this rift floating feeling as the arrangement builds and builds. Turnquist hasthis honesty and openness to his voice that is equally as endearing as it is pleasant to listen to. The song has it all. Beautiful harmonies, guitar solos, and as the song moves forward it amplifies and grows in excitement and how many parts are included. Beauty and power combined into one really moving forward.

‘Then I asked you, with all the strength I had
Go on and leave me, I’ll see you on the other side
Then you kissed me, asked me to look in your eye
And you told me, just be the man that I see'”

– Redline Roots