Ace McGuire’s Acid tabs and Bedsweater at the Lizard Lounge!

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Ace McGuire’s Acid tabs and Bedsweater at the Lizard Lounge!

Ace McGuire’s Acid Tabs is an emerging Surfadelic Garage Rock band based in Boston. The Acid Tabs are made up of Liv Dunks on vocals & lyrics, Mitch Cardoza on guitar & vocals, Sam ‘Spaceman’ Pace on drums, Erik Dietz on bass. Their music ebbs and flows through laid back hallucinogenic vibes and blood pulsing riff based bangers that induce psychoactive experiences. Drawing influence from the power of the ocean and the madness of the city their songs are a fusion of the different environments they grew up in. They bring something extra spicy to the stage infusing heat and freakness to the scalding hot sonic platter of tripped up licks and lyrics served up by Liv and Mitch’s sultry and smokey voices creating a perfectly chaotic swirl of surf and psychedelic rock that flirts with the attitude of punk rock.

Bedsweater is a rock band established at the Berklee College of Music in 2021. Each of our members grew up in Southern California and share a love of the surf culture of our home which is evident in our sound. Our music can be described as danceable indie rock with funk and jazz influences. We have performed throughout Southern California, Boston/New England, Wisconsin, New York, and Nashville. We have music available on all major streaming platforms and have singles scheduled to be released consistently throughout 2023-2024.

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