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Jabbering Trout is a killah live act with memorable original songs. They began their trajectory in the 90s in Boston, MA. They were a high-energy, two-person, drum and guitar duo. They started out in the thriving local acoustic scene, won Boston’s Acoustic Underground competition, and were off and running, touring clubs and playing festivals nationally.

Trout has played in front of 1000s opening up for acts like Aerosmith, Dave Matthews Band, Jeff Buckley, Ani Difranco — and many more. But their native environment was rock and acoustic clubs across the country where they delivered their solid, catchy songs with energy. Jabbering Trout had many incarnations after the original band broke up, but the common theme is solid, catchy songwriting delivered live with energy.

Jabbering Trout

Alex & the People are a folk-rock project rooted in the grassroots activism of Jamaica Plain and the soulful shores of Lesvos, Greece. Singer-songwriter Alex Alvanos, a quirky nonprofit leader & environmentalist, resigns himself to the influence of nature and the everyday struggles of people trying to cope with this time on earth.

Their newest release, ‘Late Night Take Out’ (available everywhere 11/3/23), shows the band’s versatility in songwriting and musicianship from 00s Mumford & Sons intimate folk, to steely country, to 90s era Dave Matthews Band jam rock. Listening to the album is like smelling dirt from a freshly planted forest, earthy and raw, equal parts beginning and end. Playing with themes from environmental catastrophe to spiritual awakening, the album is meant as much for grieving the loss of the world as we know it, as it is for waking up in the middle of the night to throw a big, shoes-off party with your neighbors that ends at sunrise with planting trees (and hope) into uncertain future.

Alex and the People

Aldous Collins is a New England born and bred singer/songwriter. Living and loving on The South Shore of Massachusetts.

Aldous Collins

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