Baker Thomas Band w/ Special Guest Caitlyn O’Brien

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A longtime TOAD favorite, the Baker Thomas Band live at the Lizard Lounge!

Whether it’s the infectious grooves, hooks, horns, heartbreakers or anthemic rock finale’s, Baker Thomas Band invokes a spectrum of high spirits and feeds the soul like a night out with good friends should.

Beginning on stage at TOAD in Cambridge, MA in 2009, BTB is an eclectic collection of musicians and good friends getting together to make great music and have a blast!

“After years of being a singer/songwriter/solo bassist, the one thing I missed the most was the raw energy and power of a band. All my roots are from rock and roll…. being a soloist was a serious departure from that,” Tom says. Baker Thomas Band or “BTB” was not intended to be as big as it is now. The original line up was drums, bass, guitar, keyboard and trombone. From that humble 5 we’ve grown and now the band is rarely less than 9 or 10 artists with a full horn section and percussion section as well.” BTB has been a blast and hearing my songs interpreted through so many talented artists is a dream come true!” – Tom “The Baker” Bianchi

Baker Thomas Band

Caitlyn O’Brien, AKA Kit Orion is a Cambridge-based musical maverick who defies genre boundaries as a singer-songwriter, musician, producer, and DJ.Operating under her independent label, C8 Music, she showcases her exceptional talent through two distinct alter egos—Kit Orion, the enchanting solo project that marked her debut album, and DJ C8.Fueled by a profound sense of community, Caitlyn regularly collaborates with local musicians, gracing stages with her own compositions and captivating audiences with her electrifying DJ performances at beloved neighborhood haunts.

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