Count Zero with Landowner

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Count Zero returns to the Lizard Lounge with special guests Landowner!!

Count Zero is a Boston-based rock band formed in 1996 by former members of the cult electronic band Think Tree. A true genuine article with a foot rooted in funk and an eye set deeply into the future, the band’s sound is crafted by bandleader/composer Peter Moore “weaving Count Zero tracks like a Persian rug.” (Ted Drozdowski, The Boston Phoenix). A fixture in the Boston rock scene (and beyond), Moore is perhaps best known for his work touring the world as lead vocalist for the Blue Man Group’s “How To Be A Megastar” tour.

For over 30 years Peter has shared the stage with his compatriot Will Ragano, who continues to contribute his own unique compositions (on which he sings lead vocals), manic live energy, and the “vicious guitar work that was his trademark in Think Tree” (The Boston Phoenix). Will is also a graphic designer and video editor. He has been responsible for all of CZ’s visual design (except for the cover of “Affluenza”). He’s now creating music videos for some of the songs on their next release .

Mike Corbett (bass), Jude Heichelbech (keys), and Shawn Marquis (drums) round out the fold – with former members including: Amanda Palmer (Dresden Dolls), Elizabeth Steen (Natalie Merchant) and Bernard Georges (Throwing Muses).

In addition to their forthcoming fifth record, the band has released four full-length albums: “Never Be Yourself” (2011), “Little Minds” (2005), “Robots Anonymous” (2001), and their debut “Affluenza” (1997). The group toured North America with the Dresden Dolls for six weeks and had kids all over the world rocking out on their tunes in the “Guitar Hero” and “Rock Band” video games.

Count Zero

Massachusetts’ post-punks Landowner return with Escape the Compound! The album is Landowner’s most broad ranging to date, synthesizing the energy and bedroom experimentation of Impressive Almanac with the air tight live performances of their last two albums, Consultant and Blatant. At the forefront of the music is singer Dan Shaw grappling with the enveloping nature of narcissism and cult manipulation. He says “the lyrics on this album center around a theme of manipulation and control – expressed as cult mentality at the community scale, and narcissism at the interpersonal scale.”

Landowner is Dan Shaw, Elliot Hughes, Josh Owsley, Josh Daniel, and Jeff Gilmartin.


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