Dan Rockett and the Guilty Party/Muddy Ruckus

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Dan Rockett and the Guilty Party return to Lizard Lounge with Muddy Ruckus!!!


Dan Rockett and the Guilty Party: Guilty of being REALLY F**CKING GOOD!!!

Singer, guitarist, composer and multi-instrumentalist Dan Rockett brings his deep catalogue of original music to his latest project, Dan Rockett and the Guilty Party. Rockett’s soulful, lyric-driven rock ‘n’ roll effortlessly melds blues and rock with country, bluegrass, folk and funk.Dan has performed with the likes of Los Lobos, The Flaming Lips, Ziggy Marley, Bob Moses, Vernon Reid, Eric Krasno and many others.

Overlaying stunningly poignant harmonies with scorching guitar riffs, the band evokes elements of Neil Young, Pink Floyd and the Allman Brothers, while maintaining a sound that is uniquely their own. Based in Boston and LA, Rockett shares the stage with keyboardist Chris Nemitz (Way UP South, Sun Jones), bassist Jeff Miller and drummer Dave Fox (Gravel Project, Dave Fox Trio).

Dan Rockett

Muddy Ruckus is a “darkly inventive” rock duo according to the New York Music Daily. Guitarist Ryan Flaherty and drummer Erika Stahl of Portland, Maine play a grungy style of railroad indie punk blues. This stripped-down power-duo blends roots guitar and edgy percussion on a suitcase drum kit, and is known for a full rock band sound.

The band just released their 4th album, Vacationland, featuring tracks with legendary blues harmonicist James Montgomery and low-rock saxophonist Dana Colley of Morphine. The album is packed with 14 red hot tracks that blend psychedelic rock, punk blues and fiery lyrics into a sound that’s uniquely Muddy Ruckus.

“Using the striking, heavy language of romanticism, the emotional impact of the words is not so much overwhelming as it is effective.

Rare that a song can accomplish what classic literature sought to.” – Gas Mask Magazine

“Legit dance hall crashers” – Glide Magazine

“Their music is down and dirty, steeped in the mud of the Mississippi delta and the Louisiana swamps, but also in the mud and grime of Woodstock and the mosh pit at an outdoor punk show.” – Maine Today

“Infectious, foot-stomping Americana tunes. Similar to the White Stripes in duo power, Muddy Ruckus delivers a full-bodied sound with nothing but a guitar and suitcase drums.”-The Sound

“The White Stripes of Delta Blues” – James Montgomery

Muddy Ruckus

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