Emergency Group/Blues Dream Box/Psychic Temple/Eamon Fogarty

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Come vibe with us at the Emergency Group, Blues Dream Box,Psychic Temple and Eamon Fogarty live at the Lizard Lounge!

Event is 21+

$12/$15 door

“Emergency Group swim in the heady tides of prog rock, psych rock, and free jazz. These Brooklyn improvisers harness kaleidoscopic reverb and distortion with a creative generosity befitting one of Miles Davis’s electric groups, creating a contemporary sound that reminds us the label “jam band” wasn’t always cause to shudder.” – Chicago Reader


Psychic Temple has been a lot of things: a semi-cult, a recording collective, a rock band that plays like a jazz band or the other way around. Band leader Chris Schlarb has also been many things: a truck driver, a video game composer, a private investigator, but he is first and foremost an assembler, someone whose vision and imaginative spirit intuitively understands how disparate artists might fit together, forming cosmic pickup bands that bring his visions to life: free jazz freakouts, fusions of folk, pop, rock and roll.


The Blues Dream Box is a trio that plays children’s songs for adults and children, and adult’s songs for adults. They seamlessly blend a wide variety of non-existent musical genres, leaving listeners laughing and asking questions they’ve never asked before. The Blues Dream Box has been called, “the most important band in Boston,” which may or may not be true.


Eamon Fogarty is a composer, songwriter, singer, multi-instrumentalist and audio archivist who was born in the state of New Hampshire. Aquarium Drunkard described his 2019 record Blue Values as “a remarkable piece of art-pop, exhibiting the low slung ease of Tim Buckley’s jazz-rock, the shambolic grace of Beck, the progressive grandeur of Scott Walker, and the mystic yearning of Talk Talk.” He has written for, recorded, and performed in a broad range of capacities and contexts, including numerous folk and rock bands, (Alex Dupree, Psychic Temple, Matt Kivel) choral groups, free improvisatory ensembles, puppet theater productions, and even a surf video or two.

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