Express Checkout with Matt Charette and the Truer Sound

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Express Checkout with special guest Matt Charette and the Truer Sound


Express checkout is a 3 piece pub rock n roll band comprised of singer-songwriter Dave Wells, the multi-styling Dylan Sullivan on Bass, and the percussive scene veteran Dave Sardella on the kit. Expect a wave of a set which dips down to slower sentimental songs and crashes with sing-a-long sweaty rock hooks.

Express Checkout

A self-proclaimed “reformed punk,” Matt Charette is one of the most diligent and recognizable members of Boston’s music scene. With his backing band the Truer Sound, he creates hard-hitting rock songs that seamlessly blend alternative, punk, country and Americana.

This is all evident in his album, Lo-Fi High Hopes, which he and his band are releasing on March 10. It’s one of the best local releases to come so far in this young year of 2023 with tracks like “4 x 4,” “Girl From Ontario,” “Wrecking Ball,” and “Going Down Swinging” being highlights.

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