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Glenn Yoder and the Western States celebrate their latest release with special guest Jeremy Moses Curtis!


It’s been six years since we released the last Glenn Yoder & The Western States album. Suffice to say, much has happened.

Love, marriage, had a kid, pandemic, moved far away, settled in, had another kid, moved even farther away. Through it all, the unsettling sense that the world is on fire or on the verge of it, at least.

So I wrote about it, about this bizarre, transformative block of time — the overwhelming joy of love and children, of course, but also the anxieties and adjustments that come with those precious responsibilities, particularly in this climate. About giving up one version of ourselves in order to become another.

There were many moments when I sincerely doubted that this record would ever be completed, that I’d ever finish writing it or we’d ever get to recording it, but I also think that that additional time made this perhaps our most considered record to date. It’s a document of our conversations and hopes and concerns and feelings that I may have otherwise lost to time, so I’m glad that I have it at least. I hope you get something out of it too.

As always, my love and appreciation to my beloved band: Jeff, JMC, Chris, Brooks and our unofficial sixth member, Dave. I am so fortunate to have had them play and work on my songs for all these years. It was also important to me to have Cilla’s beautiful voice return for this album, and I am so happy we made it happen. This record really reflects my strongest musical bonds — put simply: it sounds like us.

Thank you for listening, and I hope you enjoy it!

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