Job Creators with Lady Lupine and Hall Monitor

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Job Creators with Lady Lupine and Hall Monitor


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Lady Lupine is a Boston based heavy soul band that delivers high energy performances of unique original material. The band creates an engaging live experience by cultivating visceral connections through sound. Fronted by vocalist Christina Lacoste, Lady Lupine draws inspiration from the soul of Amy Winehouse, and the sonic eclecticism of Portishead. Traces of Vulfpeck’s tight, technical funk, and Jimi Hendrix’s fuzz rock grooves can be heard in the band’s sound as well. Christina, guitarist Fran McConville Jr, drummer Josh Cuadra and Bassist Jon Dusoe met in 2010 while performing in a band called The Elements. The four were drawn together by their compatibility as performers, and continued to play music on and off throughout the years.

In 2017, Lady Lupine was formed and began developing material that combines the respective members’ loves of classic soul and more modern, heavy rock. Jon and Josh provide a driving and edgy underlying layer that supports Christina and Fran’s soulful leads. Lady Lupine released their debut EP Trust in October 2019 followed by Extended Plays released in 2021.

Lady Lupine

Job Creators is a psychedelic math rock duo based out of Brooklyn/Boston. The dynamic pair consists of Blaise Lucey on bass guitar and audio samples and Tim Winslow on drums and synthesizer. For 10 years they have been plying their own high-energy improvisational take on music across the Northeast. Releasing their 2nd full LP, Love Monster, in October of 2023 has made big waves for the band. Venerable online music magazine Fecking Bahamas has said they are, “Embedding new-wave texture and groove with math rock, indie, and psychedelic prog, it’s a ship on a current all its own.” Catch Job Creators on tour throughout 2024.

Hall Monitor is sad sometimes. A one woman show lamenting the experiences of one’s 20s and 30s with the help of a solitary electric guitar. Introspective emo with a post-hardcore angle. All songs are flight tested to chase the tear-jerk response. Hall Monitor hopes to offer something to anyone going through something weird.

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