Molly Parden

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Molly Parden at the Lizard Lounge!

For all its unapproachable beauty, the heart of Molly’s music is humble and profoundly human. They are songs that remind us that heartbreak isn’t simply another marketable human emotion, but is more like a familiar place—a sacred space within all of us. We are all born with a deep sense of loss, and great art has a way of articulating our personal tragedies—both the ones we’re born into, and the ones we write and direct ourselves. It makes listening to “Rosemary” feel like falling into a dream or a distant memory—a beautiful reminder of something we’ve known all along.

Molly Parden

Lizard Lounge is 21+

Deni is the electronic pop solo project of Deni Hlavinka (of The Western Den). Decisive, impactful, yet soft around the edges, Deni’s music blurs the line between dark synth-driven electronica and tender alternative pop – creating a sound that is emphatic yet vulnerable. Lyrically, her music explores the spaces between doubt, introspective and the roaring explosion of self-actualization. Deni is layered, immediate and visceral – the result of over a decade of experience as a multi-instrumentalist, singer, artist and producer. Deni’s music is both the tangled chaos of feeling in real-time — and the unraveling.


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