Poetry Jam

May 7, 2023 @ 8:00 pm
Poetry Jam

Featured Poet Illin’P

One of MA’s finest!!! Known for clearing parquets of the wanna-be-butters… the thief in broad day whose M.O. is sliding through your show and straight stealing it along with your heart in most cases. Equipped with a plethora of “effective word”, this griot finds no dilemma in pulling heists solo or accompanied by the conventional weapons of choice, two turntables and a microphone, and an occasional live band… Often traveling under the alias Iyedouble, this Cambridge-born, Boston-based emcee is literally incomparable. Incorporating the patois slang of the West Indies, intricate word play, and the old-school chat of urban folk worldwide, Illin’ P displays the unique and true definition of literary art while keeping it “grounded” in terms of subject matter as well as stature. His catalog includes some of the finest collaborations with such greats as KRS One to a few notable independent releases which garnered a Boston Music Award and Mass Industry Committee Award nominations. A firm believer in life’s expression in all aspects as poetry and art, his goal is simple… to touch any and all capable of feeling. His words are genuine. His style… animated. The experience, as rumor would have it… refreshing. The motto?
“… if you do what you do not to impress, but to express” ~ Illin’ P… let’s breathe out.

Must be 21+