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Poetry Jam featured Poet Lucci

Event is 21+

Adopted for a better life the day he was born, LUCCI, aka Light Wolf, was a Sicilian raised by a Scandinavian Father and a Scots-Irish Cherokee Mother. Before moving to Boston in 2010, he lived in Metro Detroit Michigan, rural Tennessee and rural Georgia. He is a poet, actor and comedian in that order, aka, a Pactormedian. He’s been a poet since Mother’s Day 1996, an actor and comedian since imitating TV and movies as a child into adulthood.

He has performed with the creative exchange group, “BeHeard.world”, for almost ten years. He was casted in projects like the Elijah Starr film, “Supa Dupa”, and season three of the multiple award winning show, “Unconditional Love The Series”. He is the creator of the creative network, “A.W.E. – Art Without Ego” with the purpose of sharing, uplifting and empowering local artistic voices; he hosts Instagram Lives weekly with various local artists. Collaboration in variation with projects like, “The Amazing Blue Rose Showcase” and many local community events have always fulfilled his heart.

Unofficially on the spectrum of autism, LUCCI is a human being first and foremost, a spiritual lover of life and love, and also a Gothic, Hip-Hoppin’ Hippie Punk. His goal is to spread peace, love and harmony throughout the world in every breath he has left on this earth, even in his many lives to come.

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