Sound Kicks Out Presents: ToriTori, Milkshaw Benedict and Forté

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Sound Kicks Out Presents: Tori Tori, Milkshaw Benedict and Forte!


Tori Tori is a Boston-based, multigenre vocalist, songwriter, and music producer. Her unique and eclectic musical style, as well as her storytelling prowess and mesmerizing melodies were highly influenced by innovators like Missy Elliot, Stevie Wonder, and Thundercat. They were honed during her time as a student at Boston Arts Academy and Berklee College of Music. Using nothing more than her voice, her looper and imagination, she’ll take you on a journey through her world, her coexistence with the pleasures and quarrels of love, and her ever evolving relationship with self.


My name is Milkshaw Benedict, hailing from Roxbury Massachusetts. My mindset mirrors the community I’m from. Historically Roxbury has always been unique in style and breeds quality people constantly. I grew up the son of a Jamaican dj and a couple doors down from the Maurice Starr building, where New Edition used to record. Growing up I was exposed to so many different types of music. When I was real young it was a lot of old school hip hop, gospel, funk, r&b and soul, reggae and old school dancehall. By far my favorite artist of all time was Michael Jackson. I often imitated his dance moves and dreamed to be just as cool of an artist as him. Some other influences include Stevie Wonder, James Brown, Busta Rhymes, Lauryn Hill, Kirk Franklin, Jay Z, Earth Wind and Fire, Missy Elliot and a Tribe Called Quest. My perspective or approach to music has always been different mostly because of the amount of artists I was exposed to young but also everything I’ve experienced in my life. Life moves fast in my city and I was involved in a lot of different crowds, programs, parties and events. Wanting to share this experience and colorful feeling with others is what led me to want to be an artist. With everything I’ve gone through I believe I can inspire the world to embrace their differences and appreciate the variety of flavors and people the world provides. My ability to understand feelings, my mindset and my work ethic is what gives me the confidence to believe I’m unique enough to succeed in my career. I believe in myself. And I hope to inspire others to believe in themselves also.

Milkshaw Benedict

Forté is a man of many talents who grew up in Somerville, MA Surrounded by various musical and spiritual influences, it is no surprise that Forte creates both fun and soulful music. As an avid learner of life and love, Forté expresses his thoughts and emotions with music and art with hopes to positively impact others. If you want to hear more from him, go check out his project “Grumble Rap” and recent singles from his Every Given Sunday series. Also be on the listen for “Da Native Tongue” project to release this year!


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