Thank God for Science and Muddy Ruckus

November 26, 2022 @ 9:00 pm

Doors at 8pm
$12 adv and $15 at the door

Must be 21+

“The wheel is compelled to turn. Sometimes artists need part the curtian and look out beyond the audience, the horizon and use their collective faith and talent to forget what they know, the history, the forms, the charts and the maps…and just play past the moment that has just passed. Searching the new without fear or intent…This is how the wheel turns. I think this is how these humans make music. Yup.”

-Billy Conway (Morphine)

Muddy Ruckus is a “darkly inventive” rock duo according to the New York Music Daily. Guitarist Ryan Flaherty and drummer Erika Stahl of Portland, Maine play a grungy style of railroad indie punk blues. This stripped-down power-duo blends rootsy guitar and edgy percussion on a suitcase drum kit, and is known for a full rock band sound.