The Hi-Jivers/Troy Mercy

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The Hi-Jivers from Nashville blast the Lizard stage with Troy Mercy!


The Hi-Jivers are a 4 piece Rock n’ Roll/ Rhythm and Blues band that play music inspired by the 50’s and 60’s but modernize with their passionate and wild originals. The vocalist, Dawna Zahn is a powerhouse soulful singer who has the dynamic ability to resurrect her favorite blues artists like Howlin’ Wolf and Big Mama Thornton with ease. She is accompanied by her husband, Austin John whose guitar arsenal has the maturity of a well seasoned blues guitarist, but with the sting of an explosive rock n’ roller. They’ve already had the pleasure of performing all over the world including many cities in the U.S. and many countries in Europe.

The band won an Ameripolitan Music Award in 2023 and have been featured in Vintage Guitar Magazine, Vintage Rock Magazine and Blue Suede News magazine. They’ve been compared to modern artists such as JD Mcpherson, Nikki Hill, GA-20, Imelda May, Delta Bombers, Big Sandy & Fly-Rite Boys etc.

Austin John & Dawna Zahn moved to Nashville from Central New York in September 2014 with one intention: toform a band inspired by their favorite Rhythm & Blues and Rock N’ Roll artists of the 1950s and 1960s. By the beginning of 2015, they met upright bass player Hank Miles and drummer Aaron Mlasko who had recently moved to Nashville from Seattle, WA. The group bonded over their love of American roots icons such as Wynonie Harris, Big Mama Thornton, Howlin’ Wolf, Little Richard, and Etta James.

*Gasp* Just two pieces? 

Yes. It’s simple. But simple is not easy, folks.

Beware… The powerful soundwaves these two conjure up during one of their energetic live shows bend the very laws of physics. Truly larger than the sum of its parts…

Troy Mercy is a genuine guitar-star; highly respected by his peers such as Kirk Fletcher and GA-20. He also has the rare gift of a soaring & soulful voice that would feel right at home in the grooves of an Atlantic or Stax R&B 45. Troy’s brand of blues places the song at center stage. His use of artful tune construction, hooks & melody extend the tradition of the genre. 

Mr. Mercy’s resume as a guitarist includes Booker T., The Fabulous Thunderbirds, and countless blues legends such as Pinetop Perkins, James Cotton, and Hubert Sumlin. He has toured this Earth and played on two Grammy nominated albums.

“Troy pushes the boundaries of blues with a fearless approach to composition and performance… 

With Troy’s stunning vocal delivery at its peak the atmospheric and engaging duo brings an incredible amount of flavor and texture that must be witnessed in person.”

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