Tory Silver / Savior Faire / Kaiti Jones

April 19, 2018 @ 8:30 pm
Tory Silver / Savior Faire / Kaiti Jones

8pm doors

$8 adv/$10 at the door – set times tbd

Tory Silver is a singer/songwriter from Cleveland, Ohio, currently based in Boston, Massachusetts. Inspired largely by bossa nova, folk, and rock music, Tory uses these influences to create a fresh sound with a distinct punch.

With lyrics to contemplate, guitar riffs to empower, and a vintage heart, Savoir Faire is singer and guitarist Sarah Fard’s musical endeavor. Her music is armed with a love for nostalgia and a drive for social change. Savoir Faire’s vocals evoke the stylings of jazz greats like Ella Fitzgerald, while at the same time echoing contemporary singer songwriters such as Fiona Apple.

Since Kaiti Jones was three, she has wielded a musical instrument. Jones mastered the viola in high school and dabbled on piano, french horn, and cello growing up. But it wasn’t until age 13, when Jones finally picked up a guitar, that she began making music on her own terms. Its an electric guitar that Jones started writing on. She created distorted lo-fi rock songs with blaring power chords an appropriate cure for teenage angst, or middle-school confusion. By the end of high school Jones had fallen into folk, more or less abandoning her rock roots.