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Poetry Jam-The Blizzards


Stop/Children is a 2023 Lizard Lounge Slam Team coached by Navah The Buddaphliii and composed of: Kwene, TJ Reynolds, Jules Maduro and Jeff Taylor.

Host of The Garage Poets Open Mic, and master of the Dad Joke, Jeff Taylor lives in Massachusetts, with his wife and 3 kids.

Jules is a poet, novelist, and above all – a creator. Although she has a degree in Creative Writing, it’s her mundane, everyday experiences that fuel her poetry. With a voice that’s ever-changing, she documents her perspective of life through spoken word in the messiest, truest way she can.”

TJ Reynolds is a poet, musician and visual artist originally from Indianapolis, IN. He teaches elementary art for Cambridge Public Schools. He has been featured a number of times on National Public Radio, and exhibited work in museums across the US.

Tru Kwene: “I love learning new things, meeting new people and traveling to new places. I love art. Being a Spoken Word Poet means that through doing something that I love I get to do the things that I desire most. I have met and am working with some of the most amazingly skilled writers and performers ever. With my own art I have earned the right to travel to new places and perform. I am so excited about my journey! Hang in here with me… I have so much more to experience and cannot wait to share everything with you!

Navah The Buddaphliii still strives to overcome the challenges of being a mother of five, poet, author, and currently the coach of the 2nd Lizard Lounge team The “Blizzards” She continues to find the balance between art, and raising a family with her partner, while remaining a slayer of stanzas and a master of metaphors. Check out her first book released in 2021 called Black Cocaine and Colorless Butterflies.

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