Sound Kicks Out Presents: Llynks, VQnC and MonaVeli

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Sound Kicks Out Presents: Llynks, VQnC and ALDRA


Llynks (Sara Kendall) is a songwriter, producer, and singer whose haunting and introspective lyrics explore themes of empowerment and self preservation. Although taking inspiration from both fantastical and sci-fi worlds, Llynks’ lyrics are reflective of her life experience and delivered with a powerful voice that manifests as a portal to her soul. Her debut album, “Become the Root ” released in July 2020 and tackles the concept of taking ownership of one’s own perception in an emboldened tone backed by ethereal and cinematic production.


VQnC is a singer, songwriter, photographer and vintage clothing curator. She was recently nominated for Boston Music Awards’ R&B Artist of the Year (‘18,’19) , Vocalist of the Year, and 617 session of the year. She was featured in Marie Claire Magazine, and released her genre-bending debut album “Freedom” in April.

Her love of performance took shape in the southern clime of Charleston, South Carolina, where she grew up in a musical family with strong Celtic roots. After moving to Boston in 2013, she discovered a rich musical scene where she could explore new musical genres and grow as an artist. Before long, she was turning her poetry into songs.

Using music to process her own experiences, VQnC gives emotions new life, and creates a space for listeners to find their own meaning. Her signature bass lines, catchy melodies, and meditative repetitions embrace imperfection while celebrating self-care and self-love.

With a bright, colorful aesthetic and an ever-growing sequin collection, she channels the queenliness of disco and the soulful flair of vocalists like Jessie Ware and Stevie Nicks. VQnC fronted Boston’s funk-rock band, Dr. Fidelity and toured with the improvisational electronic collective, GoldBloc. She has performed at the House Of Blues, The Sinclair, Brighton Music Hall, The Institute of Contemporary Art, The Box, and the Knitting Factory. VQnC has also shared the stage with other artists such as Busty and the Bass, Robert DeLong, WET, ExMag, Congo Sanchez, Snoh Allegra, and Quantic.


ALDRA is a Somerville, MA-based performing and recording artist whose music draws influence from soul, R&B, and alternative pop. She captivates listeners with velvety tones, profound lyrics, and imagery to bring them on a journey through her life experiences.

Being raised in a Georgia baptist church, ALDRA had her first memorable connections to music in the church choir. After graduating high school in 2015, ALDRA moved to Boston to pursue her day time career in cosmetology. It was then she fully began to immerse herself in the music scene of New England. When not working her 9-5, she performs, writes new music, and continues to grow her network in an effort to build her community and music career from the ground up.

ALDRA has toured in Colorado (2019), Portugal (2018) and New York (2017). She is co-host and founder of a musician focused podcast, Young Council, and hosts local open mics. She released her single “Quicksilver” in February 2021 ahead of her upcoming EP recorded with Plaid Dog in Allston, MA.


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